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Tourmaline Spheres from Namibia

These Tourmaline specimens from Namibia were cut, hand-ground, and polished into spheres. These are natural stones, with no enhancements. Of note: Our spheres come from natural stones that have been formed over millions of years. Polishing enhances the natural occurring colors. Please note that the cut and polish may not remove all inclusions, natural lines or indentations. This is normal and part of the natural material.

Tourmaline is the most colorful of all gemstones. The types of tourmaline, distinguished by the predominance of certain elements, are usually recognized: iron tourmaline (schorl), black in color; magnesium tourmaline (dravite), brown; and alkali tourmaline, which may be pink (rubellite), green (Brazilian emerald), or colorless (achroite).

Hand milled spheres - polished to enhance each stone's natural beauty

  • A unique item for your gift store
    • A perfect gift for home or office display
    • A treasure for any rock collector
  • Sizes range from
    • 2 – 4+ pounds
    • 2 – 4+ inch diameters
  • Wholesale pricing - sold by gram weight

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