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Tiger Iron Assorted Donut Beads

Tiger iron is composed chiefly of tiger's eye quartz, red (and sometimes yellow) jasper, and black hematite, creating contrasting bands of color and lustre (sheen.) Offered as flat, stone donut style beads - perfect for leather wrapping into pendants.

  • Sizes range from 29- 40 mm Donut Beads
  • Hole sizes range from 8 - 9 mm
  • Sold by gram weight
  • Sold by Pick Packs (not by lots)
    • We will send you inventory
    • You determine the stones you want to buy
    • Send back the rest
    • You will be charged by gram weight - it's that simply

Call Kevin for wholesale pricing at 520-360-5364 or email and we will send out a Pick Pack so you can hand select those beads that best meet your needs.