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Sugilite Sterling Silver Rings in Assorted Setting Styles - Wholesale.

Sugilite Sterling Silver Rings in Assorted Setting Styles

Sterling Silver rings with polished, untreated Sugilite cabochons, offered in a variety of styles
  • .925 stamped sterling silver settings
  • Ranging in size from 5 - 11
  • Ring vary in weight from 4 - 31 grams
  • Sold by gram weight

From Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa, in 1980 Sugilite was officially classified as a rare gem, which caused its price to increase.  Since then, additional deposits have been discovered, but since these are small, it remains a rare gem.

Sugilite gets its attractive purple color from traces of manganese. It can range in color from pinkish-purple to deep bluish-purple. The most highly valued Sugilite gemstones are a uniform and intense purple however, a great deal of Sugilite has patches, veins or layers, and are also desirable in Sugilite gemstones.

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