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16-inch, Sugilite necklaces with graduated, rondelle-shaped bead design and sterling a silver lobster claw clasp with a 2-inch extension.

Sugilite Beaded 16-inch Necklaces with Sterling Silver Clasp

16-inch, Sugilite necklaces with graduated, rondelle-shaped bead design and sterling silver lobster claw clasp with 2-inch extensions. Beads graduate from 4.0+ - 7.0+ mm. Priced per necklace.

Our Sugilite comes from Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Sugilite gets its attractive purple color from traces of manganese. It can range in color from pinkish-purple to deep bluish-purple. The most highly valued Sugilite gemstones are a uniform and intense purple however, a great deal of Sugilite has patches, veins, or layers, and are also desirable in Sugilite gemstones. 

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