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Faceted Teardrop Shaped Rainbow Obsidian Stones - Wholesale.

Rainbow Obsidian Teardrop Shaped Stones

Rainbow Obsidian - offered in a faceted teardrop and a variety of sizes. Polished and ready for use in any jewelry design setting. Sold by gram weight. 

Dark brown-black Rainbow Obsidian with an iridescent sheen. The iridescence, seen in varieties of gold, silver, blue, violet, green or combinations of these colors, comes from the presence of augitic pyroxene. 

Don't buy by the lot. Buy with one of our Pick Packs! Here's how that works.

  • Give us a call & tell us what you are interested it. We will ship you out a large supply for you to sort through.
  • Keep what you like and send back what you don't want.
  • You will be charged for what you keep, by gram weight.
  • That is how a Pick Pack works. Certainly different than buying by a lot.   

Call Kevin for wholesale pricing at 520-360-5364 or email and we will send out a Pick Pack so you can hand select those stones that best meet your needs.