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Odessa - a Nickel-Iron Meteorite Specimen

Odessa - a Nickel-Iron Meteorite Specimen

Meteorites in Texas!!  The Odessa Meteor Crater is a meteorite crater in the southwestern part of Ector County, southwest of the city of Odessa of West Texas (USA) found in 1922. It was not an observed fall.

  • Name: Odessa (iron) - This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name. There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite. 
  • This material was analyzed as a Nickel-Iron Meteorite Course Octahedrite (IA). It contains silicate inclusions very similar to Campo del Cielo and the Toluca meteorites. 
  • Classification: Iron, IAB-MG (This is 1 of 94 approved meteorites classified as Iron, IAB-MG.)
  • Texas Trivia: This is one of three impact crater sites found in Texas, the others being the older and much larger Sierra Madera crater and the Marquez crater.

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