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Malachite with Green Botryoidal Crust Mineral Specimens

Malachite with Green Botryoidal Crust Mineral Specimens

Copper, by another name. If it is green and crystallized in the form of crusts, tufts, masses, or rosettes, is often Malachite!  When cut and polished, Malachite will present the beautiful alternating light and dark green layers. (We have a polished specimen too!)

Here in its natural state with botryoidal (bubble shape) crust and globular crystal formations.

  • Natural, unpolished mineral specimens of copper carbonate hydroxide  
  • Specimens vary in size from 1.5 - 3.0 lbs.
  • Origin: Namibia
  • Wholesale - sold by gram weight

Ideal for any gift shop setting. Ideal for rock collectors and for those customers with metaphysical interests. Malachite is known as the mirror of the soul. The healing powers of malachite have long been recognized, and it has traditionally been used to aid in recovery from physical and emotional illness, particularly for releasing guilt.

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