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18-inch Strand of Hubei Turquoise in 14mm Rondelle Beads

Hubei Turquoise Rondelle Bead Strands in Assorted Sizes

Hubei Turquoise was mined in the Hubei province of China and displays a variety of color hues: blue, green, blue to green, blue green turquoise with distinctive, dark spider web veining or matrixes. It has been compared to American turquoise as jewelry quality turquoise. 

Our natural, Hubei Chinese Turquoise Beads stand out with their exceptional turquoise matrix and sold in strands of rondelle style beads. Sold by the strand/Priced by gram weight.

  • 18-inch Strands offered in several bead sizes
    • 14mm rondelle beads (72 beads/147.3 grams per strand)
    • 12mm rondelle beads (86 - 90 beads/109 -112+ grams per strand)
  • 17-inch Strands offered in several bead sizes
    • 17-inch graduated rondelle beads from 18mm to 5mm (81 beads/approvimately 79 grams per strand) 
    • 17-inch, graduated rondelle beads from 14mm to 5mm (86 beads/approximately 52 grams per strand)
    • 17-inch strand rondelle beads from 8mm (91 - 100 beads/approximately 53 grams per strand)
  • Don't buy by-the-lot; buy by our Pick Packs and hand select your own strands. WE will send you strands for your selection. You send back what you don't want. It is that easy. Sold by strand/priced by gram weight.
Call Kevin for pricing at 520-360-5364 or email and we will send out a Pick Pack so you can hand select those strands that best meet your needs.