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Chinese Orange Cracked Agate Barrel Bead Strands

Chinese Orange Cracked Agate Bead Strands in Assorted Shapes and Sizes

Chinese agate is a banded form of the mineral Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. Dyed and heat treated to enhance color formation while developing the sought-after orange, cracked agate matrix.

  • Offered in an assorted mix of shapes and sizes of bead strands
    • Barrels (2 sizes)
      • 25mm x 18mm Barrel
      • 30mm x 22mm Barrel
    • Circles - 25mm Circle
    • Faceted (2 sizes)
      • 40 mm Faceted Circle
      • 40mm x 40 mm Faceted Triangle
    • Faceted Irregular Shape - 23mm x 30mm
    • Ovals (4 sizes)
      • 16mm x 8mm Elongated Oval
      • 30mm x 22mm Oval
      • 33mm x 50mm Oval
      • 38mm x 50mm Oval
    • Rectangles (3 sizes)
      • 25mm x 18mm Rectangle
      • 26mm x 19mm Rectangle
      • 30mm x 22mm Rectangle
    • Rounds (2 sizes)
      • 14mm Round
      • 20mm Round
    • Squares - 20mm x 20mm Square
  • Don't buy by the lot - hand select your own bead strands with one of our Pick Packs delivered to you for your selection. You choose what you buy and send back the rest! 
  • Sold the strand/priced per gram weight

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