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Bechar 001 Meteorite Specimens - MeteoriteType: Olivine-Hypersthene Chondrite L5

Bechar 001 Meteorite Specimens

Name: Bechar 001
Location of Fall: Algeria
MeteoriteType: Olivine-Hypersthene Chondrite L5

This meteorite was found before August 1998 in an unwitnessed fall. There were two large stones (39 kg and 12 kg) plus several small fragments were sold to Bruno Fectay and Carine Bidaut by nomads.

These specimens are cut and polished to show-off their beautiful patina. Owned by Magic Mountain Gems, a meteorite dealer with 30+ years experience and is guaranteed for its authenticity. 

We have a variety of sizes and shapes - sold by the gram. Call Kevin for pricing at 520-360-5364 or email and we will send out a Pick Pack so you can hand select those meteorite stones that best meet your needs.