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Apatite-Calcite Spheres from Africa

Apatite-Calcite Spheres from Africa

Hand milled spheres - polished to enhance each stone's natural beauty

  • A unique item for your gift store
    • A perfect gift for home or office
    • A treasure for any rock collector
  • Sizes range from
    • 2 – 4+ pounds
    • 3 – 4+ inch diameters
  • Wholesale pricing - sold by gram weight

The excellent polish on these spheres brings with vibrant, blue apatite crystals intermingled with the deep colors of orange calcite. Each would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

Of note: Our spheres come from natural stones that have been formed over millions of years.  Polishing enhances the natural occurring colors. Please note that the cut and polish may not remove all inclusions, natural lines or indentations. This is normal and part of the natural material.

Mineral Information:

Apatite can be transparent to translucent, and is most commonly green but can also be colorless, yellow, blue to violet, pink, or brown.

Calcite is typically colorless or white, however due to impurities it can occur in shades of red, orange, yellow, green blue, violet, brown, and black.

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