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How It Works | Magic Mountain Gems Pick Packs

When buying stones, it helps to see true color, size, and weight by holding them. We want to accommodate this by sending you more and allowing you to pick what you want and return the rest. Here is how it works:

  1. Give us a call - We will set up an account for your business and collect the necessary information for a transaction. We are a wholesale company, so we will need a valid business address, phone, contact, tax ID, and signed terms of use. 
  2. Place an order - Either through phone or email, send us details about the products you are interested in. Please provide as many details as possible (i.e. stone, grade, shape, weight, quantity). 
  3. Prep the Pick Pack - Once we confirm that we have what you want we will prepare a pick pack of stones that meet your specification. We will provide more stones than what you need so that you can select your perfect stones and return what you don't want. Details about the contents of your pick pack, including weight and costs, will be sent to you for confirmation. An invoice for the full amount of the pick pack will then be included in the pack. We will also request credit card information to be kept on file while the package is out. 
  4. Ship - We will pay for shipping to you. We remain responsible for the package until you receive it.  All our packages are insured and require a signature upon delivery. At the point of delivery, you become responsible for the pack and its full value. You are responsible for the cost of the return shipping and remain responsible for the pack (and its value) until it has been delivered to us. We recommend insuring and requiring a signature for the return trip so that there are no issues with a lost package. 
  5. Select your stones - Once you receive the pack, select the stones that you want and return the ones that you don't want, with payment for the ones you keep. You can include a check with the returned stones or simply give us a call to run your credit card. Once we receive the returned stones, we will confirm weights and payments and modify the original invoice to reflect the changes. A revised invoice with payment status will be sent for your records. We ask that you return the pack within 30 days of receipt. Please communicate with us if you need it longer. If we do not hear from you after 30 days we will run the credit card on file for the full amount of the invoice.
  6. Order Complete - You are finished! You now own the stones you selected that meets the needs of your project and we thank you for your business.
Keep us in mind for all your material supplies and don't hesitate to call with questions. Even if it’s not on our website, we might have it or know someone who does.