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Gibeon Meteorite Round Beads - Custom Cuts Beads by Magic Mountain Gems

Gibeon Meteorite Round Beads - Available by Custom Order

These are hand cut and polished round beads - cut from a larger Gibeon meteorite piece. Each Gibeon bead displays the beautiful, fine octahedrite pattern, which is revealed after acid etching. This meteorite is very resistant to rust because of the tight fitting crystals and high nickel content. It is classified as a Nickel-Iron Meteorite, Fine Octahedrite. 

  • Sold by the gram.
  • Custom cuts beads are available upon request.
  • Call with questions and custom orders - we have been cutting this meteorite for over 20 years and can advise you on its use in jewelry. 
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History of the Gibeon Meteorite: This beautiful and unusual meteorite was first found in Gibeon, Great Nama Land, Namibia in 1836, although native inhabitants knew about it before then. Complete specimens show flight markings and evidence of a violent atmospheric breakup of an asteroid or an exploded start and radiometric dating places the age at around 4-billion years old.

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