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Assorted Shapes - we did some rough sorting by shapes. In an Assorted Cabochon listing, you will find a wide variety of sizes within a shape's selection. So, a bag of rounds could hold small, medium, and large round cabs. Just say what shapes you are looking for and we will send you plenty to choose from. Hand select your own "lot" and send back the rest. It is that easy.

Calibrated - we did the measuring. These cabochons are offered in standardized sizes. Best for making multiples of any given jewelry design. Again, you tell us what SPECIFIC sizes/shapes you are looking for - we will send you more than you need. You choose your stones within the sizes/shapes you requested and send back the rest.   

Freeform - these cabs are cut to accent the best features of any given stone. So, mother nature somewhat decides shape and size. It might look like a triangle or oval, but not really. For Jewelry designers of one-of-a-kind pieces, these cabs are an inspiration to sort through. Pick out what you like, send back the rest.

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